how to treat new wood decks

Pressure treated lumber is by far the most popular decking material used because of its price factor and availability. The majority of PT lumber is made from yellow...【Get Price】

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19 Feb 2016 ... The first step is cleaning your deck thoroughly. Many deck cleaners contain harsh chemicals so it's important to protect your skin and eyes. A...【Get Price】

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Extend the life of your wooden deck with proper wood treatment and maintenance. The surface of wooden decking gets weather beaten over time. The surface...【Get Price】

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These deck enemies tear apart the surface of the wood. ... Bleach-based products eliminate mildew while acid-based materials handle graying and stains.【Get Price】

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When to care for your decking ... And avoid treating your deck during very hot weather as the intense sunshine may cause the product to dry ... A decking cleaner and reviver is specially formulated to SevenTrust the wood back to its natural colour...【Get Price】

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29 Aug 2019 ... Follow this wood deck maintenance checklist to make sure you're ... Learn how to care for your wood deck for each season and keep it a...【Get Price】

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Learn how to clean a deck keeping it looking fresh and splinter free! ... Sealing pressure-treated wood will also preserve its color and fresh appearance.【Get Price】

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New wooden decks should always receive a coat of paint or stain. ... Pressure-treated lumber should be allowed to dry for at least six months before stain or any...【Get Price】

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The purpose of wood deck cleaners is to remove dirt mold algae and oxidation ... Try to maintain a consistent distance from each deck board as you clean.【Get Price】

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17 Jan 2020 ... New wooden decking structures should always be treated. If you plan on treating an older deck surface it's very important to either clean or...【Get Price】

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4 May 2016 ... Composite and wood decks alike deserve the best deck treatment to ... material so you can see how to maintain a clean deck accordingly.【Get Price】

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24 Sep 2020 ... Inspection and repair; Cleaning; Power washing; Sanding; Staining/sealing. Not all refinishing projects will include all steps. For example deck...【Get Price】

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Clients will need to refinish every year if they want to maintain the look of fresh lumber with deck brightening necessary as the deck ages. Currently the best clear...【Get Price】

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However it is absolutely possible to buy a wood SEALER without stain which will maintain the color and feel of your lumber while still offering protection. But say...【Get Price】

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Myth Number 1 – Pressure treated wood needs to breathe for at least three months before it is stained · Myth Number 2 – New wood is ready to be stained · Myth...【Get Price】

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Quick and easy steps on how to maintain your deck and prevent splinters from occurring. Step by step DIY deck maintenance instructions.【Get Price】

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How to Clean Your Wood Deck. First sweep all debris off the deck's surface. Use a putty knife to remove debris from between deck boards. Now you'...【Get Price】